Project E Beauty Pro

Project E Beauty Pro Magnetic Bio Warm Jade Facial Lifting Skin rejuvenation Beauty Therapy Machine Skin Care Spa & Salon Machine

Project E Beauty Pro

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About the product

  • To use bionic micro current, instantly open channels of pores, dredge the points, smoothen the meridian, rapidly pass life energy into deep cells tissue, to enhance cells permeability.
  • The pure natural jade is inlaid on the magnetic spin central, unique combination of ??magneto caloric effect?? together with massage gesture, to carry through positive and negative energy conversion.
  • Within 3 seconds, re-organize the jade disorder trace elements, to form special ??Jade Energy Accumulator??. At the same time, bionic thermal effects on human cells and collagen, lets skin cells quick rejuvenate, speedily excrete 300% collagen.
  • Through cold technologies, to calm and relax the skin, shrunken pores, penetrate nutrition into deep skin, lock inside water and nutrition, so as to get deep water supplement, water locking effect, promote absorption, oil controlling, skin tightening etc functions.
  • Energy activation and conversion equipment integrates bionic thermal, magnetic jade and ice technologies. Bionic thermal is conducted into the natural jade from Myanmar, rapidly destructs of disorder but beneficial trace elements in jade (zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc.), and makes them reorganize, to form ‘Jade Energy Accumulator.

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